Clay Rose and Gasoline Lollipops have resurrected.  Now what?  Well, after the Phoenix rises from the flames, all that's left besides itself, is ashes.  That's not a lot to work with.  Clay has spent the last year sifting through ashes and coal, digging in the Soul Mine, as it were, throwing out what's no longer of value, polishing the gems that are, and occasionally striking a brand new vein of gold.  This year has been one of hope, remorse, dark inventories, and the building of an unshakable foundation.  Soul Mine will reflect all of these trials and tribulations with an intensity usually reserved for the angst of youth and heartbroken lovers.  Soul Mine is an urgent call to grow while staunchly refusing to ever grow up.

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Gasoline Lollipops


An alt-country band from Colorado that combines the sincerity of dirt-floor folk with the rebelliousness of punk




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