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Soul Mine

by Gasoline Lollipops


by Gasoline Lollipops

Soul Mine Release at the Fox Theatre




Soul Mine Lyrics


Soul Mine

It's been a long time digging in the soul mine / looking in the dark for something that shines / All I found was coal / All I felt was shame / when I heard that devil calling my name /


Then I found a vein of gold and a vein of blood / I made a vein cry for a vein of love / Something died inside, now I feel better / I bled 'til I shed that scarlet letter /


Hold on tight, son / 'til that coal turns to diamonds / Life springs from deep wells / Faith is born in the forge of Hell / Forge on / 


Though light be lost and lines be crossed / stay strong / I lost my name at the center of the earth / I swallowed my pain until I proved my worth / Then it was gone / 


Find the truth / it shines right through carbon / I started out digging for diamonds and gold / now I'm digging through the long dark night of the soul / to see dawn /


Written by R.L. Cole


I got roughed up by them mustangs down in Memphis, Tennessee / where the river runs dry and the women all livin' offa OxyContin dreams / I said maybe baby it's just me / but there's a prowler down by the stream / I'm going down to the river just to wash myself clean / I'm going down on the banks of Galilee / 


I struck outta luck in Washington, with a gun against my throat / I said maybe she's a poet, but it's all murder that she wrote / She left me with a five dollar bill and a rabbit skin overcoat / I'm going down in the pines / in the pines / gonna let it shine on down, gonna let it shine /


I bought some $10 boots in Houston from a speed freak named Suzanne / She was jumpin' up into the chimney, coming back down in the frying pan / I said, baby, maybe you should lay off that tin foil and the match / and clean up all that garbage you got laying out 'round back / I'm going down East Colfax for a bag and some gin / I'm going down just to see what kinda shape I'm in /


I got robbed by a federal policeman, down in southern Mexico / He thought I was drunk but I was just on a mescaline roll / Now if you can't find the truth that I buried deep in this song / you can go down to the river just to prove me wrong /


A Woman and a Gun

Old Jesse was an outlaw / it was just his bad disposition/ Some say he was born that way / I think he probably made a decision/ Old Jesse like the girls / he loved every one he saw / but everybody knows the sheriff's daughter Rose / made him forget them all / Oh, the sheriff was a bad man / but he had a good excuse / The ends will justify the means, my friends / I'm gonna put Jesse's head in a noose / Jesse said /


A woman and a gun will keep me warm / will keep me warm all through the night / A woman and a gun will keep me warm / will keep me warm / in the afterlife 


One day by the banks of Green River / the sheriff caught Jesse with his daughter / He spoke not a word, just squeezed that trigger / and blew 'em both into the water / Jesse felt his feet in the mud / Rose watched a cloud pass made of blood / The river was in their lungs / and these words were on the tip of his tongue/


All my faith is a bullet / all my God is a gun / And all this world is just smoke and mirrors/ I'm gonna break them one by one /


All that's real is a woman / all that's true is her flesh / and all you got is her memory / for company after death


He was a Casanova / like a god he came to show her / But all he had was frightening / all he taught was lightning / so like a storm he passed right over /


And over like a dice / Maybe someday he'll get lucky / and stop rolling snake eyes / And don't he deserve it / don't he deserve just a piece of the pie / But if a man ain't living on broken hearts / tell me how is he to survive /


She said your heart is dead and cruel / through your fingers have slipped many fools / But this one is gonna stick/ like a thorn / like a knife / like a new trick honey / Then her skin blew away like leaves / a flock of aces flew from his sleeve / Her curves were snakes / her breath was drugged / in an instant he fell in love / He said take me / and began to crack / her eyes were heart attacks / One kiss from him to her / then she blew him over /

Child of God

Ever since I got up today / I've been wanting to go to bed / seems like ever since I was born / I've been wishing I was dead / I need brotherly love just like a bullet in my head / I wish everyone would get away from me / 'cause I'm starting to see red / I said /


Being a child of God don't please me like it should / given my gift of free will don't free me like they said it would / You know a deal with the Devil / is starting to sound good /


I was born unto a race who survived by being mean / the empire they built was a mindless money grubbing moron's wet dream / And if I stay it's gonna kill me, but I don't have the strength to leave / so I gasp for air that can't be spared / 'cause the apocalypse needs to breathe /


I went down to the crossroads / just like Robert Johnson of old / 'cause that's where you go to deal with the Devil /or at least that's what I'd been told / But all I saw was storm clouds and all I felt was cold / and all I heard was a belly laugh from Heaven as the thunder rolled /



I'll give you another hour then I gotta run / gotta fly away and leave you to fall / leave you to stuff your flowers in a shotgun / and below their petals all over the wall / I know you think you're on a crusade / you've got a world to save and it's hanging by a thread / I know you think you've got to be brave / but there's nothing but a slave inside your head / I know you're living in a dream world / even though I know this must seem real /


Now everything will fall / I want to go back to Montreal


So you want to rise above duality / you want to transcend both day and night / I guess I'm old fashioned / I just don't share your passion / for a never changing eternal twilight / But go on and give oblivion a shot / go on and fade to grey if you've got to / And maybe you'll do better without God / and maybe I'll do better without you / 


Well, I wish that were true / and I wish that were you / sitting across from me / instead of this impersonation of who you used to be / Everything that we were comes down to this / and all we built were sinking ships / And by tomorrow we'll both just be shadows on the wall / take me back before we lost it all / I wanna go back to Montreal /



Remember back when you were just a little  kid / scared of the dark, laying in your crib / waiting for mama to turn on the light / but she never did / Remember back when you would watch those stars / they seemed so bright and they seemed so far / but you knew one day they'd be falling around you / so today they are /


Because the world turns / just like the sea churns / just like the sun burns / just like we all fall in turn / just like the world turns / and it burns /


I fell into the Bardot / they pulled me back again so / I don't believe in no happy endings no / I don't believe I want to do this again / Remember back when you were just a little kid / you said you'd never fall in love / then you did / Now you're holding your broken heart in your hand / remembering what mama said /


Ghost of a Man

I got home late last night / it was all locked up / I guess that's your way of saying you've had enough / I wish I could say the same because I've had my fill / but I don't think this stuff is gonna stop 'til it kills /


All the things that I've lost don't even seem to faze me / my devotion to destruction never ceases to amaze me / Either I must be stupid or just flat out crazy / like you said you're the first and the last to ever love me, baby /


I put on a mask every night and go downtown / there life is simple / you make friends by buying rounds / But the mornings are harder because I wake up all alone / with my shame like a fuse burning down to the bone /


I would apologize if I had the sincerity/ but these days it don't seem like there's much here left of me / you don't have to speak / I know you agree / Like you said / I'm a ghost of the man / that I used to be /


I'm haunting his skin / here we go again / look at this mess that I'm in / I pray every day / for this madness to end /

Leaving Alone

Jesus only told us to hang up our sins / so what did what we do / we hung up him / So we've got hangups aplenty and sin in surplus / and a rusty old nail lodged deep inside of each of us /


This golden shining sun / it keeps getting brighter / and this old crown of thorns / it keeps getting tighter / And all of God's children are playing with guns / yeah there's a rusty old nail / lodged deep inside of everyone /


These nails will corrode on their own / we must not forget / we're built of oceans and stones / we cannot be broken and we will not be owned / So the Devil may come on strong / but he'll be leaving alone /


These days pass like dreams and there's none in between / I sleep like a stone / wake up in a stream / its flow drags me over all manners of pain / until I stumble home to my nail / and I drive it in again /


Put Me to Task

I had a dark dream of you / damned if it didn't come true and send us both straight to Hell / Oh, it's just us and fate / and all these spinning glass plates / we just watched as they fell / But when the smoke had all cleared / we were still standing there / but who are we now / I know the time has come / to make good what we done / but I just don't know how /


How long does it take / to mend what we break in one night of disease / Forget that I asked / just put me to task / I'm eager to please /


Lay down your head and cry / let out what's inside / I won't judge or run / for I hold the same dark shadow / but it's time to let it go / and step into the sun / 


The past is a chain / it holds us down / But there's no weight to the now / so go on, baby, and spread your wings / release all those things / that had you down /


This album is dedicated to the memory of Ken Noyce, bless his soul.



Rhythm guitar and vocals - Clay Rose

Lead guitar - Don Ambory

Fiddle - Jeb Bows

Bass - Brad Morse

Backing vocals - Alexandra Schwan

Keys - Scott Coulter 

Drums - Adam Perry


All songs written by Clay Rose, with the exception of 'Mustangs' (written by Robert Louis Cole).


Recorded at The Hive, in Boulder, CO

Produced by Gasoline Lollipops

Engineered by Mike Orgeron and Gasoline Lollipops

Mixed and mastered by Randall Frazier, at Helmet Room Studio


Photos by Ryan Cox

Graphic design by Joshua Campbell


Thank you: Sofia, Cohen, Anna, Tania, Maruta, Cyrus, Pop, Mama, Sis, Eustacia, Barb, Jay Burch, Greg Ward, John Sheafe, Julie, Austin, Olivia, Emily, Dana, Irene, Sid, Erin Fox, Bob, Amara, Kiersten, Mike & Joan Morse, Evan & Lawna, Jonny Boy, Danny Shafer, Laura & Sterling, JD & Elle, Ethan Alpert, Josh & Mel, John Spalvins, Kathy, Leanette, Karen, and the whole Waterloo crew, Doug & Lia, Becca & Sara, Ian, Kenny, Matt, Dylan, Phil & Speros, Aaron & Maria, Max & Toni, Gregger, Ramaya, Dechen, RL Cole, Goat, The Alcapones, Fox Feather, The Colorado Sound, KGNU, Backstage Flash, and for all of our supportive and dedicated fans, our gratitude knows no bounds. The Gas Pops love you!